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A family centred NHS practice serving the local community in Amersham

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The practice has been established in Amersham for over 50 years. We are proud to be looking after generations of families in the town. At Hill Avenue dental practice we provide comprehensive NHS dental care alongside private treatment options, always acting in the best interests of our patients’ oral health and promoting preventative care.

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We aim to provide high quality dental care in a relaxed environment and make your experience comfortable with the support of our experienced team.
Our practice philosophy is based on building long term relationships with our patients so that we can understand their dental health needs better and provide a continuity of care.
We fully comply with CQC regulations and have policies and protocols in place for your safety

Tooth Whitening

This can be performed in the comfort of your own home. Custom made trays are placed over your teeth and a thin solution of whitening agent is applied.


Fillings are used to replace tooth structure lost due to decay or trauma . They can be either silver amalgam or white plastic composite material.


Crowns are used to strengthen and replace a tooth when is it broken down due to decay and a filling is not sufficiently strong . They are usually placed to allow the tooth to function as normal.


Bridges replace lost or missing teeth, they normally require work on the adjacent teeth where there are crowns and a false tooth is attached to the crowns .Bridges can only be placed where clincally suitable.

Root canal treatment

Root Canal treatment is required when a tooth is severely decayed and become infected or where a tooth is cracked. This involves removing the infected tooth material in the nerve and placing a filling in this area.


Efficient and friendly service

We were really disappointed when our previous dentist retired as we were so happy with him.We tried other dentists since then but no one really matched him until we went to Mrs Kakad . We are delighted to have found such a great dentist locally !

Very polite staff and very cheerful. I always leave feeling happy with what has been done.

High standard of dentistry especially in an emergency.

Entirely satisfied with excellent service